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REACH is an improvised performance exploring a digital mediation between dancer, musician and visualiser, via gestures (or physical thinking). The artists can’t see each other, but communicate through a mediation of forms (sonic, kinetic and visual), performed through a gestural feedback instrument controlled by the musician and through a Kinect-based instrument controlled by the dancer. The mediation becomes a third character, which only the audience can see, through which the artists can reach out (or in), and maybe find each other.

Performers: Annelie Nederberg and Angelina Jandolo
Developer: Chris Kilding
Concept and direction: Nicolas Salazar Sutil, Matthew Sansom and Paul Krause


Reach 611
Reach 1017
Reach 502
Reach 1143
Reach 1293
Reach 1174
Reach 1252
Reach 1120
Reach 0001
Reach 1310
Reach 1575
Reach 973

Photos: Annelie Nederberg from video by Sebastian Melo.

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