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Movement is a major component of my music, which is why I take great pleasure in composing for contemporary dance. I like my music to be in dialogue, in contradiction, in symbiosis with the dancers: as an added dancer, more than a background space. The emphasis is on relatedness between musical and corporeal movement.


Green (2011) is a dance solo for Edward Watson, principal dancer at the Royal Opera in London. It was created in collaboration with choreographer Kirill Burlov and live video artists alKamie . We explored grand themes such as Beauty, Nothingness and search for meaning. My music was created during a very cold and snow covered residency at VICC in Visby, Sweden and benefited greatly from the exquisite singing by Cathrine Fandén.                                                            


Dietro (2011) is a collaboration with dancer and choreographer Angelica Portioli created during a residency in Val de Reuil, France. The work was a combination of finding ways to work with feedback and a way to compose music that is more beat based than I normally would do. The video is from a work-in-progress performance in Leicester: the idea was to develop the piece into a full scale performance, but unfortunately this never happened.


The Fear Factor (2013) is a collaboration with choreographer Cody Choi for Cody's Moving Group. It is exploring zombies and what these symbolize in our relations to each  other. Developed for the Resolution festival and premiered at The Place, London on 8 January 2013.


Instrument of Touch (2012) is a collaboration with choreographer Leda Franklin for Interdigitate. The piece explores the hands as tools for touch as well as destruction. Developed for the Resolution festival and premiered at The Place, London on 20 January 2012.

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